A friend suggested getting my home inspected before selling it. He recommended Larry DiPietro. Larry found some deficiencies that I was unaware of. The house was not yet on the market, so I had plenty of time to shop around for a contractor who fixed the issues at a reasonable cost.  Then, after only 1 ½ weeks on the market, I received an offer that was above asking price.  And the buyers did not hire their own home inspector since I already had an inspection done and repairs made.  I am so glad I hired Larry to do my inspection before selling the house; it made the transaction go very quickly and smoothly.
Ed R.

North Reading, MA

Larry DiPietro performed a home inspection on a house we purchased in Watertown, MA. From the day that I called him to the moment he did the inspection, he was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and passionate about his work. I especially liked how he was willing to accommodate our busy schedules on such short notice.  He was kind enough to meet with us at the end of the inspection so he could go over our concerns. Then later that day he sent us his official report. The report was very thorough, and it listed everything that we went over during our inspection. I would recommend Larry DiPietro to anyone for his excellent service and his fees are in line with other home inspectors. Thanks again for doing our home inspection Larry.
Jim V.

Watertown, MA

I am completely satisfied with Larry. He was extremely detail oriented and well informed. He pointed out a number of things that I needed to address as well as giving me an idea of what the order of importance should be. There were so many things he showed me that I would have never thought to look at. After the inspection I felt much more confident in my choice of the home and knew what the condition of the major items were. I was also very impressed with the final “written” report; it was comprehensive (including pictures) and concise. I would definitely recommend Larry to anyone who needs a home inspection.
Elaine P.

Salem, NH

My wife and I were looking for a house on the ocean.  We had Larry inspect one that we liked.  But he found structural issues, and we decided not to proceed with the sale.  We are very happy we did not buy this house as we later found out that the person who bought the house had to actually replace the foundation and spent a fortune doing so. Since then, we found another house on the ocean that Larry also inspected for us and we bought it.  We have been living in this house for more than a year and there have been no problems whatsoever.  We love living in this house which too has a beautiful view of the ocean. We also purchased an investment property and had Larry inspect that.  He is extremely knowledgeable and we are thankful for his dedication and superb service.
Joe D.

Beverly, MA

I was amazed at how informative he was. He explained everything and answered a million questions for me during and after the inspection. He promptly sent me the report.  I would recommend Larry DiPietro to anyone.  His inspection was money well spent.
Helen L.

Concord, NH

Larry inspected a home for me that, come to find out, had too many problems. It would have been a money pit.  I eventually found the home in which I currently live.  Larry did the inspection on this house, and confirmed there were no major concerns. He saved me a lot of money by not buying the first house which would have been a big mistake. Hiring Larry was the smartest thing I ever did.
Jodi N.

Hampstead, NH

We had our home inspection done by Larry DiPietro. He was very professional and thorough. Larry has many years of experience as an inspector, contractor and engineer. His experience comes out in the quality of his work. We will definitely recommend Larry to our friends and family. Buying a home can be a very stressful process, but our home inspection definitely was a breeze! Thanks, Larry!
John C.

Somerville, MA

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